Monday, May 9, 2011

Birthday Gifts ..

Hi guys,

Here is a list of some quickies for birthdays :
  • One of my favorite gifts for someone’s birthday is, to give the same number of gifts as the number of years one has turned into. So if it is the 21st birthday, then 21 gifts. You can number all the gifts and ask them to open it one by one. I did this, for my best friend’s 25th birthday and my husband’s (now) 21st birthday .
  • Also to make someone's birthday special and memorable you can celebrate their Birthday week. You can do this by giving them gifts for each day of their birthday week. The gifts can be simple like their favorite magazine, a cup cake , a mug, a photo frame , etc .  This can be delivered as surprises to that person or you can personally give them too everyday .
  • This can also be done once a week and be carried forward for the entire birthday month. I know its a bit too much but its fun .
  • You can divide the gifts into what I call the surprise and the non surprise parts, so for the non surprise part, you can take your spouse, brother, sister, mother, father, friend, colleague etc (whoever) for a shopping spree so they can choose what they want. For the non surprise element, you gift them, what you want as per your choice .
  • You can enlarge a good picture and get it framed. This always touches every-one's hearts ..as memories stay forever :)
  • Also you can make a video of all the memories (the best pics). Add some text and music to the video. This is an excellent gift for a friend or family.
  • Coming from one of my previous posts, personalized gifts are also great gifts. I had gifted my husband, small fridge magnets with our pictures on it for our anniversary. One of our friends had also given us a very beautiful personalized calendar for our first wedding anniversary .
  • You can also plan a surprise trip for the person .
  • Gift cards are always the safest bet .
  • If you are one of the creative sorts, you can write a poem and frame it or decorate it beautifully .
  • Cards, Flowers, Chocolates and Candles always act as a good add on to the main gift.
Hope you guys enjoyed the post.


  1. I did something similar to a birthday week gifting too for my husband.
    he loved the idea and there' always something that he was looking forward to.

    1. Yup birthday weeks really appeal to me

  2. I always have this problem when I have to buy simething for my husband, but on the end I write him a poem about my feeling, it always work:) sry for my english :) I will be really happy, extremly happy if you will join my first contest on my blog, there you can win clothes from online shop, http://dreams-amaze-me.blogspot.com/2013/06/giveaway-with-persunmall-clothes-to-win.html I will be verry happy if you will join it. Have a beatifull day! :)

    1. That's a very thoughtful gift. Wish I could write a poem.

  3. I'm always lost when it comes to gifting especially :) this is a great post.

  4. Thank you so much, glad I could be of help.