Monday, May 9, 2011

Birthday Gifts ..

Hi guys,

Here is a list of some quickies for birthdays :
  • One of my favorite gifts for someone’s birthday is, to give the same number of gifts as the number of years one has turned into. So if it is the 21st birthday, then 21 gifts. You can number all the gifts and ask them to open it one by one. I did this, for my best friend’s 25th birthday and my husband’s (now) 21st birthday .
  • Also to make someone's birthday special and memorable you can celebrate their Birthday week. You can do this by giving them gifts for each day of their birthday week. The gifts can be simple like their favorite magazine, a cup cake , a mug, a photo frame , etc .  This can be delivered as surprises to that person or you can personally give them too everyday .
  • This can also be done once a week and be carried forward for the entire birthday month. I know its a bit too much but its fun .
  • You can divide the gifts into what I call the surprise and the non surprise parts, so for the non surprise part, you can take your spouse, brother, sister, mother, father, friend, colleague etc (whoever) for a shopping spree so they can choose what they want. For the non surprise element, you gift them, what you want as per your choice .
  • You can enlarge a good picture and get it framed. This always touches every-one's hearts ..as memories stay forever :)
  • Also you can make a video of all the memories (the best pics). Add some text and music to the video. This is an excellent gift for a friend or family.
  • Coming from one of my previous posts, personalized gifts are also great gifts. I had gifted my husband, small fridge magnets with our pictures on it for our anniversary. One of our friends had also given us a very beautiful personalized calendar for our first wedding anniversary .
  • You can also plan a surprise trip for the person .
  • Gift cards are always the safest bet .
  • If you are one of the creative sorts, you can write a poem and frame it or decorate it beautifully .
  • Cards, Flowers, Chocolates and Candles always act as a good add on to the main gift.
Hope you guys enjoyed the post.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Mother's Day Celebrations !! 8 May 2011

 Mother's Day is celebrated all across to honor mothers and to make them feel special.Though , it is celebrated on different days in different countries, it is mostly celebrated on the Second Sunday of May.

I love you mom for giving me life, love and my existence. Thanks for making me the person I am.

  • Mum’s the word and with Mother’s day coming , you can make it special for your mom by giving her a week off.Give her a week off, by stepping into her shoes, by cooking and looking after the chores instead of her. It will definitely be worth it .
  • Pamper her by giving her a good parlor treat (you can book a full day for her at the parlor - mum’s day out) and treat her to a pedicure, manicure, hair spa, facial, massages, etc .
  • You can gift her a bangle box or a jewelry organizer .
  • Chocolates and flowers are always the best way to touch hearts.They are perfect gift for any occasion .
  • You can also gift her a spa experience .
  • You can also gift her jewelry .Any piece of jewelry added to her collection is always a wonderful gift for a woman.
  • The gift can be personalized by personalizing (by putting ur picture) a mug, pillowcase, magnets, calendars, tshirts , sleepwear etc .
  • You can always gift them gift cards of any of their favorite stores. This way they get to splurge the way they want. At the moment mostly all the stores have special Mother’s day discounts running like Target, Kmart, Priceline, Myer, etc. These store have ready made gift bags also of different categories like perfumes , bath sets, makeup kits , jewelry sets , book sets , etc.
  • If your mom’s fond of cooking, you can gift her a good recipe book.
  • You can gift a good book or some dvd sets of her favorite movies .
  • You can also plan a weekend getaway for your parents.
  • You can go for a movie together.

    Proposing/Romantic Surprises and Ideas ..

    Hi guys ,

     I have given some quick Proposing/Romantic ideas to surprise your beloved. 

    (The ohh so extravagant and ahh the simple ones...) The ideas written below are considering that the proposal will be done the official way (the guy proposing the girl but it can be done vice verse also ;)).These ideas can surely be used for proposal as well as for any romantic surprise planned by either of the parties ..so just get going ..its always fun gifting and to be gifted ..

    • Hire a limo and send to your girl’s address . Get her picked and take her to her favorite fine dine restaurant, get her fave song played by the live band and get the waiter to get ‘the ring’ in the desert or in the wine glass and just say the words.
    • Take her to a beach and arrange a romantic candlelight dinner and just pop the question.
    • Well the above can also be repeated in a different way, you can hire a boat (just the two of you) and take her for a wonderful nite out .. and open the champagne and pop the question .You can make it more romantic by decorating it with flowers and scented candles or balloons (depending on what she likes) .
    • Or u can even do it as an 1 minute advertisement in the movie hall .
    • Or you can just display it through a banner through the helicopter .
    • You can take her for hot air balloon ride and pop the champagne and question on that ..
    • Or if u just wanna keep it simple and yet great, you can arrange a cozy candle light dinner (wine n dine or beer n pizza whatever she likes) at ur home (you can use your balcony).You can decorate your house with red ' hot air heart shaped ' balloons and red roses n you can say the words on her fave cake n arrange for soft dance on her fave music .
    • Flowers work the best.To give a sweet and romantic surprise , you can spread rose petals on the floor starting from the entrance leading to your room and create a flowery pathway and keep small small gits with some messages all across the pathway to keep the excitement going.You can say the words on a poster pinned up on your wall .You can can then continue the night with some romantic dinner at home .
    • Simply write I Love u with the flowers on the floor or on the bed whichever  way you like.You can also write your love message with candles on the floor .
    • You can give her a big gift box with small small gifts within the big box with love messages inside them .The small gifts need not be anything expensive they can just be regular things that she is fond of like a brooch, a lip butter, a toe ring , a head band , a book , a chocolate , a miniature vodka etc .
    • You can also personalize your surprise by recording a love song ( either audio or video or both in your voice) or any message and and then show it to her when you are together or you can also email it to her .
    • You can take her for a drive and take her to a romantic spot and blindfold her n then propose the traditional kneeling down way .

    Hoping you guys liked the ideas ....